February 2018 Happenings at Bear Creek Services


“All of us is better than any of us.” --- Anonymous

That is a great quote about why teamwork is so incredibly important.  Without teamwork, things only "sort of" get done.  Good leaders can only do so much, but great teams can accomplish the unthinkable.  You only need to look at the USA Women’s Hockey Team for a great example of what a team can do.  The team brought home the gold medal in a game that they should not have won.

Here at Bear Creek Services, we have a lot of teams.  There are the teams that make up each program; the interdisciplinary teams that support each individual we support; and the agency as a whole works as a team for change in the field of that supports people who have disabilities.

You can be a part of a community-wide team that helps us make a difference in the lives of those in need.  For this to happen, we need your full participation and commitment to do the unthinkable.  Here are some ways that you can impact the lives of the people we support at Bear Creek Services:

  • Attend one of our "Lunch with a Purpose" events in 2018.   Here is the link with information about Lunch with a Purpose

  • Advocate to your local representatives about the staffing crisis that disability services organizations face throughout Minnesota

  • Volunteer your time with people who have special needs

  • Donate funds / attend fundraising events that support our mission

Our Wines of the World fundraising event takes place this Friday (March 2nd).   I hope to see you at the event, or at a future "Lunch with a Purpose" in 2018.


Linda Driessen




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